I crave colour. Autumn has arrived and I walk the woods that surround my home, seeking the vibrant shades that I sense have been missing from my life. The past few weeks have brought an unsought disconnection to my self that has been both unwelcome and disconcerting. I walk to find the connection that eludes me. I seek my self. Continue reading

the swire

I take to the hills. In the weeks and months that follow my mother’s passing, I take comfort in walking the winding paths and streams and valleys that were so beloved and reminiscent of her place in the world. In the early morning, I explore this land that she called home and find comfort in the connection I find.
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I seek the fire. As the autumn sets in, as the winter approaches, I seek the warmth of the flames. As the pressures of my day to day life intensify around me, I look for the strength that the comes from facing a fear, from overcoming an obstacle. I seek the fire. Continue reading


I remove myself. I set myself apart and I seek sanctuary. For three precious days, I remove myself to the peace and flow of a community whose days follow a simpler and more peaceful pattern than is my normal pace. I give myself the gift of time and I walk the line of the river. I follow the light.

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august break

I take an August Break. Inspired by the inspirational Susannah Conway and in the company of a group of brave and interesting women from far flung places from across the world, I commit to publishing one photograph each day for the 31 days that make up this late summer month of August.  Continue reading

spring steps

I walk quickly. In the hours and days and weeks since I last spend time writing on these pages, much is achieved. The pace is fast. The garden project that began at the foot of my garden in the autumn is all consuming. There is little time for walking the woods around my home, for walking anywhere. The Bothy is transported from the basement of the city university where it has been stored. Supplies are purchased and delivered. Interest is high. Momentum is maintained. The garden project is well underway. Continue reading

the pause

I pause. On a morning when snow falls and roads are only passable with care, I take time out. I remove myself from the pressures of daily routines for a few precious hours and I reflect. Over these past few weeks I have have been running hard. Away from myself and a truth I did not want to face. Towards myself and the healing that always comes when a truth is finally faced. I look out onto my snow-covered garden and I pause.
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a winter’s tale

I lose myself. Amidst the rush of christmas, the passing of new year, the long dark nights and the short wet days, my soul retreats. It moves to a distant and far off place and I find I must search hard and long to retrieve the connection. I walk. The woods around my home that are my normal path and pattern are dark and mud filled. Instead, I take to the streets of a nearby town, mapping a route lined with the street lights that I do not have in the woods around my home. I walk. I seek the self I lose. I seek the path to follow that will bring me back to myself. Continue reading