IMG_3445Nothing brings home the beauty and power of the world that we live in like walking. Moving into our bodies, we embody the truth that as artists we are to make a ‘body of work’. Julia Cameron | juliacameronlive.com

A self-taught photographic artist, I have followed Cameron’s advice for several years now, walking—as often and as far as I can—mostly around and about my home in south-east Scotland but sometimes further afield as well. This practice has become an intrinsic part of my identity—locally I have become known as susie-walker—and affords me a powerful connection to the countryside and community I inhabit.

557710_10151141736603214_1353380204_nThe images I collect along the way are often representational, a visual attempt to capture the essence of the interaction I experience on each journey, whether that is with the landscape itself or a person or animal I encounter. I am drawn to the abstract—shape, texture, colour—and the potential these offer for seeing beyond the obvious into the deeper patterns and rhythms that form in the world around us.

The words are a more recent addition; a newly found creative vein, a desire to express the feelings I experience as I walk, daily and as part of the broader patterns that make up my life’s journey.

Into this life of walking and word-making and creating images has now come something unexpected, a new and deeply interesting development in my creative journey. The combination of one overgrown 1/4 acre secret garden (a corner of the old kitchen allotments on the small private estate where I make my home) and one Moveable Feast Bothy needing a home has produced thebowdenbothy, a sacred space with unlimited potential for learning – about my self, about gardening and about my relationship with the earth and landscape that I inhabit.

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  1. Hello! We’re doing The August Break 2016 together on Flickr. So nice to visit you here and read your words as well as see your lovely photos. My name is Sandra and my Flickr name is zinnia2012.

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