due to desmond

I wait. I wait for a storm that is due to storm through this area of southern Scotland where I live over these next few days. It is December and we know to be prepared for winter weather as we head towards the shortest day, but this storm is to bring high winds and heavy rain which we are warned will bring down trees and flood our rivers. Roads will become impassable and power may go down. Weekend plans for Christmas shopping are put on hold. Emergency services are on standby. I spend time making sure my mother has everything she needs and retreat to my own well stocked and warm home and I wait. Continue reading

the thin place

I walk this week in silence. I retreat northwards to the thin place, where mountains rise high and mists lie low. I walk to find the next stage of my journey. I remove myself from daily routines and daily connections, seeking a stronger sense of myself by being still, by being quiet in this place where the landscape is large and it is safe to be small. Continue reading

a wilderness garden

I am to create a garden. I am to turn a tangle of wild grasses and weeds into a sacred space where friends, family and others seeking peace can spend time. This garden is a full quarter acre. It has received little love or attention for many years and I have little experience or knowledge of gardening. But this piece of land is mine to craft if I want and I take up the challenge. Continue reading

a catwalk walk

I walk a catwalk. I change my hiking boots for heels, my waterproof for smart casual, cosy winter, classy coat, wow them at work, dressy dress and party time. I have four pairs of shoes, chosen with care to match these six outfits. They are not mine; I borrow them for this glamorous and glitzy occasion. I do this for charity, to raise money; along with six other brave women we walk this catwalk in our borrowed clothes and the high, high heels we would never normally wear to raise money for breast cancer. Continue reading